New Treasuries

For those of you who might not be Etsians, (Hi Mom! *waves enthusiastically*) a 'Treasury' is a collection of fellow Etsy artists work - it's meant as an informal advertisement displaying a mix of talent found on Etsy. Anyone can create a treasury. If you happen to create an exceptionally good grouping and many people click on it, adding it to their 'favorites' - the treasury may get noticed by the head Etsy mucky-mucks, and you (the treasury creator) may just be featured (with the treasury) on the front page of Etsy. Hooray!

Here is my first entry (yes, I may do more...) for teamFEST's Lottery - Treasury Challenge. Each artist represented here is from Florida's Etsy Street Team. YAY! Fellow Florida artists!!!

This is another treasury I did featuring artists from Team FEST:

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