NEW Design - Wine Goblets

Just in time for Valentine's Day! I recently saw something similar and thought - "Ooooo, I know how to improve this!" Well, maybe 'improve' isn't the correct word (Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?) But, my design and technique are certainly 'different' and I had a LOT of fun figuring out how to make it!
And, guess what? My wine goblets are featured on EtsyLUSH
(Check 'em out here: EtsyLUSH


Happy New Year!!!

...and Joyous Epiphany!
The 12 Days of Christmas are almost over, I hope you've had a wonderful Christmas and you will have a prosperous, safe, and exciting 2012. 

 I've been busy making earrings! I just listed a bunch of Valentine's Day and Amethyst (February's Birthstone) earrings in my Etsy shop. 

I'm also starting out the new year with an additional new Etsy shop: CatherinesSupply. I've got WAY toooo much 'stash'; this shop is my attempt to de-stash some stuff. It will mostly be loose gemstones, pearls, beads, and a few findings... Stop on by sometime and show it some <3 (love) - please?