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The Jeweler's Bench is the part of this blog where I'll give you a preview of what I'm working on and demonstrate how I'm making what I'm making.

August, 2012
Over the summer - I discovered BUTTONS! Oh, yeah! Check this out:
I wove these buttons together with shiny copper wire and accented them with bronze freshwater pearls. This is an adjustable choker style necklace that ties on with a brown satin ribbon. What do you think?

November 8th, 2011
I've been dabbling in pearls lately - I just LOVE pearls!!! Especially irregular, baroque freshwater pearls. However, these pearls are perfectly round with extremely high lustre; I've paired them with Amber, Carnelian, Jade, and inside-painted glass beads for a classy, yet exotic necklace and earrings set.
SP06_FWP, Jade, Carnelian, Amber, and Glass

And this set which is comprised of Bronze freshwater potato-shaped pearls, iridescent glass, and 14Kt gold-fill beads, and features a removable Abalone pendant.
Both of these sets need to be rephotographed - I have a new camera I'm still learning to use. These pictures are way too washed-out *sigh* So, that's what I'm doing today... I hope to get these two sets plus a few more pearl necklaces on Etsy soon. (Llike yesterday! LOL!)

SP02_FWP, Glass, and Abalone Shell

October 31st, 2011

One of the hottest trends right now in jewelry is big (I'm talkin' HUGE here!) fashion rings. Check out the young celebrities: they're wearing rings featuring silk flowers, carved animals, up-cycled clip earrings and brooches - anything that can be attached to a ring base and worn on a finger! Well, I happen to have a bevy of pins on hand from my Flea-Bay selling experience - what better use for them than to recycle, up-cycle, re-purpose them into high fashion rings. They are trendy, inexpensive, big, and high quality. Fun to make ~ fun to wear!

Here's the first batch - and they're available in my Etsy shop right now. ;-D

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