Just a Quick Update for November

YAY!!! I’m on vacation (in Olympia, WA!) from Orlando, FL… It is SOOOOO beautiful up here!
Ahhh - yummy coffee ;-)

BOO!!! My netbook died somewhere from plane to cousin’s house ~ so I spent yesterday trying to repair and ended up buying a new one. Windows 8. UGH – something new to learn.

On the plus-side, my vintage pieces (Etsy) are moving out! YAY! Thank you for purchasing ~ and enjoy!
Now I can make more new things for ArtFire when I get home. I brought some "Tree of Life" style Christmas Tree pendants to make while I'm vacationing, but I haven't started them yet. Too busy.

I hope ya'll are enjoying the fall? I am! It's 31 degrees out, foggy, and the evergreens are magnificent. Perfect!